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/ Date:[2024.04.10 ~ ]

ANSER Brand New NexGen Printer: Smart Printhead

ANSER CODING launches Smart Printhead, an inkjet solution designed for automated production line integration

[Taipei,Taiwan, April 10th]

ANSER CODING proudly announces its latest product offering: the ANSER Smart Printhead, a compact high-resolution inkjet printer designed for production automation and system integration. Boasting the world's smallest controller, it is designed to fit into tight production spots in the world of automated production lines. And with its interchangeable printhead technology, it provides a wide range of ink selection for different substrate coding demands. 

“Flexibility is the core design concept behind Smart Printhead” as stated by Kevin Chen, ANSER’s Chief Business Development Officer. “The Smart Printhead delivers unparalleled scalability, whether for a single production operation, or for alarge-scale automated factory with up to 100+ production lines. The Smart Printhead does it all.” 

To complement the Smart Printhead, ANSER also launched its central management platform, the ANSER Xonnect. Xonnect allows real-time monitoring of coding equipment and provides data analysis reports for production efficiency improvements. Kevin Chen stated: “Our goal for Xonnect is not only to monitor coding equipment across production floor, but to provide true value-add that customers appreciates: which is eliminating production wastes, operator training costs,and most importantly production downtime”. ANSER Xonnect is a powerful tool that empowers factory managers and engineers to navigate complex production lines with ease, and to reduce repetitive tasks to ensures consistent,high-quality outputs.

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