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  • Food & Beverage

High resolution coding for track & trace application has become the new standard requirement in food & beverage industry
Food & Beverage packaging is always a challenge due to the versatility of substrates and production lines. Whether highspeed production line, non-contact bottle coding, production system integration, or ink selection for different substrate material, we have the ANSER.
  • Instant noodles bag

    Instant noodles bag

  • Label


  • Flow bag

    Flow bag

  • Pouch


  • Plastic rigid container

    Plastic rigid container

  • Bread pack

    Bread pack

  • Coated paper box

    Coated paper box

  • Plastic bottle

    Plastic bottle

  • Shrink wrap

    Shrink wrap

  • Woven Bag

    Woven Bag

  • Tera pack

    Tera pack

  • Vacuum package

    Vacuum package

  • Plastic cap

    Plastic cap

  • Jar lid

    Jar lid

  • Polished snack package

    Polished snack package

  • Egg


  • X1


    • Dual-Production Line Support 
    • Up to 2.0" Pright Height
    • Multiple TIJ Printhead Technologies Enabled
    • IP66 & GS1 DataMatrix Built-In
  • U2 ProS

    U2 ProS

    • Compact All-in-One Unit
    • 0.5" Print Height
    • Support Solvent & Water-based Ink Portfolio
    • Easy Operation & Maintenance
  • Smart Printhead

    Smart Printhead

    ANSER Smart Printhead brings a new dimension to coding scalability,fullfilling demands from a simple stand-alone system, to complex multi-production automated factory.


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