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Wood or lumber are usually stored in critical environment, it is essential to use durable and strong ink solution.
ANSER offers water and UV sun light resistant ink to ensure that the quality of the inkjet code is still legible even in the sun and rain.
  • Blister pack

    Blister pack

  • Plastic label

    Plastic label

  • Facemask


  • Coated paper box

    Coated paper box

  • Aluminum sachet package

    Aluminum sachet package

  • Plastic sachet bag

    Plastic sachet bag

  • Flexible plastic tube

    Flexible plastic tube

  • Plastic bottle

    Plastic bottle

  • Stick Package

    Stick Package

  • Instant noodles bag

    Instant noodles bag

  • Label


  • Flow bag

    Flow bag

  • Pouch


  • Carton tray

    Carton tray

  • Film wrap

    Film wrap

  • Plastic rigid container

    Plastic rigid container

  • Bread pack

    Bread pack

  • Tires


  • Steel pipe

    Steel pipe

  • Metal plate

    Metal plate

  • Fabric bag

    Fabric bag

  • Ceramics


  • Plastic pipe

    Plastic pipe

  • Flexible plastic tube

    Flexible plastic tube

  • Wood pallet

    Wood pallet

  • Steel & Metal components

    Steel & Metal components

  • Coated paper box

    Coated paper box

  • Plastic bottle

    Plastic bottle

  • Straps


  • Shrink wrap

    Shrink wrap

  • Woven Bag

    Woven Bag

  • Carton box

    Carton box

  • Tera pack

    Tera pack

  • Vacuum package

    Vacuum package

  • Plastic cap

    Plastic cap

  • Jar lid

    Jar lid

  • Polished snack package

    Polished snack package

  • Egg



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