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  • Printing on
    Wood & Lumber

Wood or lumber are usually stored in critical environment, it is essential to use durable and strong ink solution.
ANSER offers water and UV sun light resistant ink to ensure that the quality of the inkjet code is still legible even in the sun and rain.
  • Pallet
    Substrate: wood, fiberboard, plastic or corrugated cardboard


  • Wood building material
    Substrate: wood

    Wood building material

  • Framing lumber
    Substrate: wood

    Framing lumber

  • H-A01


    • Density: High
    • Feature: Water/ UV resistant 
    • Substrate: Coated paper, craft paper, wood and more 
  • H-A03


    • Density: High
    • Feature:  Designed for high-temperature working environment 
    • Substrate: Coated paper, craft paper, wood and more 
  • H-A01-BIS


    • Density: Excellent 
    • Feature:  420 ml bulk ink system / Water & UV resistant 
    • Substrate: coated paper, craft paper, wood and more 


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