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ANSER Coding and Loftware Team Up for a High-Quality Label Printing Solution



ANSER Coding and Loftware Team Up for a High-Quality Label Printing Solution

ANSER CODING, a distinguished manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in high-resolution coding and marking systems, is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with Loftware.  This collaboration has resulted in the successful development of printer drivers for Loftware Spectrum and Loftware NiceLabel, allowing users to easily and seamlessly print high-quality labels from any business application directly to the new ANSER NexGen printers. 


Kevin Chen, Chief Business Development Officer of ANSER Coding stating, "We're thrilled to partner with Loftware, a leader in labeling software. Our joint effort introduces an advanced printer driver, optimizing production efficiency, specifically designed for the ANSER NexGen printer." 


"This collaboration simplifies the user experience, allowing manufacturers to seamlessly integrate the ANSER NexGen printer within the unified Loftware software solution. Known for its precision and versatility, the ANSER NexGen printer ensures high-resolution, and precise printing to fulfill tract & trace requirements. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to delivering easy-to-implement, scalable solutions tailored to diverse industries." 


Paul Vogt, Loftware VP of Partner Strategies, commented, "Our Loftware software streamlines the management of supply chain printers, ensuring continuity and preventing costly instances of mislabeling. Through our ANSER Coding partnership, manufacturers can meet evolving industry demands, supported by Loftware’s cloud-based solutions, including the versatile ANSER NexGen printer for high-resolution printing in diverse 

Key Features and Advantages:


Effortless Precision Printing: ANSER NexGen printers, seamlessly integrated with Loftware NiceLabel, now provide manufacturers with a sophisticated solution for high-quality and high-resolution coding. This powerful combination ensures precision printing even in challenging industrial environments, showcasing the synergy of user-friendly software and robust hardware.


Meeting Industry Demands: Through its partnership with Loftware, ANSER Coding strategically situates manufacturers to address evolving industry demands, encompassing new label formats, and elevated standards for product track & trace."


End-to-End Solutions: ANSER's customers now have the opportunity to enhance their coding and marking processes by utilizing a professional and cloud-based software platform. This platform not only standardizes processes and workflows but also provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution for automation, speed, efficiency, and productivity.





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