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  • Ink Solution
TIJ, The Future Coding Technology
High Speed, High-Resolution Printing
-Up to 600dpi print resolution for accurate product traceability
-Up to 300m/min print speed for fast production coding
-Up to 12mm print distance for non-contact coding

- Clean, with sealed cartridge with limited ink wastes
- Compliance with REACH, with no solvent make-up requirement

Maintenance Free
- No printhead service requirement
- No technical training required for daily operation

Expertise in Thermal Inkjet Inks -

The devil is in the detail. ANSER Ink Quality Assurance Program goes beyond original ink manufacturers' quality standard, and provides even more rigorous tests to ensure every ink lives up to its performance specification.

Our quality control starts from the ink property manufacturing assurance, through storage & logistic control, to inventory turnover and distribution training. Costly effort, but all to reduce production downtime risk and make you a happy customer.

- Reliable Product = Customer Satisfaction - 

ANSER Ink Quality Assurance Program takes into account of critical factors within production lines, such as substrate adhesion, working temperature, continuous print reliability, service frequency or many others. Our job is to know each ink's characteristic and its performance limitation. Whether non-stop high speed printing at 35'C, or low speed case coding with intermittent production downtime at 15'C, we provide maintenance-free ink selection that best suits your production requirement.

Finding Suitable Ink Can Be Easy -
ANSER ink specification provides detail ink performance analysis under different working condition. 
Our internal lab validates ink performance reliability and stability under high/low temperature, production line speed and other critical manufacturing factors. 
Finding suitable inks becomes an easy job, saving you money and time. 




Water Based Ink

Water Based Ink

  • For porous and semi-porous substrates:
    Craft paper, Corrugated paper, Clay coated paper, Wood and more...
Solvent Based Ink

Solvent Based Ink

  • For non-porous substrates:
    Varnished paper, Plastic (PP, PE, PVC, HDPE, LDPE etc), Metal, Aluminum and more...
Specialty Ink

Specialty Ink

  • Special Applications:  
    Security ink (UV Fluorescent)


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