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Trade show & Event
/ Date:[2023.09.15 ~ ]

ANSER CODING Shines at PACKEXPO International 2023

ANSER CODING Shines at PACKEXPO International 2023


We are delighted to announce ANSER CODING's enthusiastic participation in PACKEXPO International 2023, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our esteemed partners, Funai Lexington Technology and Inkjet Inc – our unwavering and exceptional strategic allies.


During the exciting PackExpo event in Las Vegas, ANSER will be showcasing our latestink solutions in collaboration with Funai. Additionally, we are thrilled tointroduce the ANSER A1 and Xonnect, our cutting-edge central control managementsystem. Discover these innovations at Booth N-9507 within Funai's booth and atBooth N-9702 within IJI's booth.


It is a true honor to have been invited by Funai, who graciously extended theirinvitation to ANSER to join this remarkable event. We are excited to presentFunai's solutions, including Food Grade ink and Long Throw Distance printingcapabilities. With a deep commitment to consumer safety, ANSER offers a varietyof food-grade ink options that comply with regulations in different countries,ensuring peace of mind regarding quality and food safety.





Another breakthrough technology we are proud to introduce our ANSER A1, this innovative 2-inch inkjet printer is an industry-first, setting new benchmarks for direct case coding. The core concept behind the A1 is simplicity, offering a streamlined and hassle-free setup that ensures ease of use for end-users. Additionally, complementing our range of solutions is our central control management system, "Xonnect," designed to seamlessly integrate with ANSER NexGen Printers. Xonnect provides centralized control and monitoring of your printing operations, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring precise coordination between multiple printers. Its benefits include real-time monitoring, remote diagnostics, and the ability to manage and adjust settings across your entire inkjet printing network, ultimately optimizing your production process. Together, the ANSER A1 and Xonnect offer a powerful and efficient solution for your direct case coding needs.


We extend a warm and cordial invitation to you to explore these cutting-edge products and gain valuable insights into how they can elevate your packaging and printing processes. Embrace the future with intelligence, remarkable design, and innovation as we usher in the era of Industry 4.0. We are READY!




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