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Trade show & Event
/ Date:[2023.11.01 ~ ]

ANSER on the Global Stage : Shining Bright at Four Exhibitions

 ANSER on the Global Stage :
Shining Bright at Four Exhibitions

In October of this year, our partners showcased ANSER's latest TIJ coding solutions, with each one emphasizing their unique perspectives to broaden the product's potential and its applicability across a wide range of usage.

  • EMPACK (Sweden)
  • PPMA (UK)
  • JAPAN PACK 2023 (Tokyo)
  • ALLPACK EXPO (Jakarta)

Our partners presented a wider range of possibilities for ANSER products and their applicability acrossdiverse applications. 

The ANSER A1, an all-in-one TIJ industrial printer, is designed to cater to the requirements of box printing applications. This time, our partner is introducing the A1 in a distinctive configuration, enhancing it with a robotic arm that allows for more flexible adaptation to varying height adjustments in the carton's printing position.

ANSER X1 is powered by our NexGen coding technology and is capable of using different TIJ cartridge technologies simultaneously, providing you with the highest coding flexibility and cost-saving advantages for both primary and secondary package production lines.   




Building upon its unwavering legacy of quality, ANSER is charging ahead into the future, and the NexGen series promises even more thrilling possibilities in 2024. Keep your eyes on ANSER for the latest exhilarating innovations, and don't hesitate to explore our website for further details.


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